10 January 2012

WelComE bAcK

It has been a while since I last blogged. Seems that I have been pretty busy with my life as I can't find time to blog and write down my daily experiences...

Well, it feels so good to be back in the writing and telling mode as I have so much to share. However, in two months time, I might not even have the time to blog as I would be dedicating my full time to care for my love ones as we will be having an additional member in our family - from a threesome to a foursome ;-)

But, I promise myself to find time to log on and write down the wonderful experiences happening in my life.

30 April 2011

Year 5 - TriP To FarM

This morning, my Year 5 students went to visit a farm in the Tutong area. I am glad I was asked to accompany them for the trip for I have never been to a farm before. Though the place smelled (because of animals' waste), the trip was enjoyable except that it was quite tiring for us teachers as we have to continue with our teaching lessons once back in school. We left school around 7.45am and came back to school around 10.20am. I managed to take some pictures - even took a picture of an ostrich, an animal which I thought I can never find in Brunei and also some deers. Too bad the deers were far away so it's difficult to catch a good picture :-(


27 April 2011

KaydeN's LaTesT DraWinGs

Recently Kayden started drwaing again and insisted that we paste them onto the wall for his daddy to see and appreciate his work of art. I pasted three of them just above his daddy's bed and every day, he would point to them and said, " Daddy, look, look.." Then Daddy will praise him and said, "Nice!" and he would like all smiley smiley look.... When I see him doing that, I feel like pinching his cheeks ;-p

23 April 2011

Year 4 EduCaTioNaL TriP To SuPa SaVe

This year, the English Language Department, the Science Department and Maths Department joined together to organize a school trip for the year four students based on the SPN21 syllabus. We chose Supa Save for it is a spacious area and they are many different catergories and sections for these students to explore.

We left school at fifteen minutes past nine and reached Supa Save in about twenty minutes. After briefing the students on what should be done and should not be done, off they go on a 'quest' - looking for different types of fruits; both grown locally and overseas, different sections allocated - hardware, bakery, seafood and meat, and in search for "food" - this was what their minds were on because most of them would popped out the question - " Teacher, we are hungry. Can we buy food now? "

I myself was hungry too and bought myself a sandwich and a bottle of Coke - I just can't imagine what my life would be if there is no Coke, hahaha...

21 April 2011

St. AnDreW's SchooL EartH DaY

Today, the Upper Primary students celebrated Earth Day - it's a world of green.... As form teachers, we were requested to perform a song with actions which everyone loved the idea. At first, all of us were pretty awkward but after a few practices, it was as simple as ABC. The students were asked to perform an action song - If you are happy and you know it - and they loved it too. They were so enthusiastic to learn and sing along. Compared to our actions, theirs were way simpler and easy to remember.

I took some pictures of my own class doing poster drawing activities. We held it outside our classroom as it was more spacious and co-joined with the other class. All of them had fun. I selected ten best out of the whole and they will be rewarded for their hard effort ;-)




18 March 2011

NeW GolF SeT

Kayden received two golf sets today - from his beloved father. He gave his father a hug and said ' Thank You '. I was so proud of him at that moment. It made me realized he is now a big boy...

His new golf set

His many poses...

Ball not in position

Placing his ball properly

In position

Getting ready to swing

And swing...


06 March 2011

A FamiLy OuTinG aT tHe BeaCh

Reminiscing our previous outing at the beach, we decided it would be nice to gather once again and this time, Di-Kim, Jacq-che, Ah An, Benedict and Vanessa joined us. The location is still the same - Tungku Beach and even the food is the same - fried bee hoon, curry, bread and rice. Haha...

Trying out his new juice ;-D

I love his smile...

Burying my foot with the sand

Running away from the tiny waves

Wearing a hat for the very first time - normally he doesn't want!

05 March 2011

DiFFeRenT DreSS CoDe

Today is my first day of work at St. Andrew's School and I was surprised to know that we, teachers, are not allowed to wear long slack pants to work unless it is part of your traditional costume. During my years in Chung Hwa Middle School, there has never been such a rule except that we can't wear mini-skirts or skirts whose length are above the knee cap, slippers, transparent blouses nor sleeveless blouses...

So I had to go make some baju kurung and baju fashion to wear to work. Luckily I found a tailor who charges cheap and his workmanship is quite good. I also have to teach Physical Education which means I have to wear a track suit and long pants when teaching PE.

Sigh... $ has yet to come into my pocket but now, it's going out - on clothes and school stationery...

02 March 2011

NeW DisH ThouGhT by JacQ-cHe

Yesterday. Jacq-che discussed a dish with me, which I found quite creative - hard boiled eggs with the egg yolks being replaced with salmon fish ball.

As it was quite a dry dish, I suggest pouring tomato sauce with big onions on top of it and the end result is as follow:-
What do you think? ;-p

As I have mentioned before, lately I have been trying out a few recipes for Kayden to taste. I can say this for sure - it's not an easy task but someone got to do it... I ran out of ideas and decided to browse the net for simple toddler soup recipe and this caught my eye... I am not a vivid fan of western cuisine and I have rarely drink this kind of soup too. However, after reading through the ingredients and preparations for this dish, they are cheap and easy to get as well as to prepare. So here's is my mushroom soup for Kayden...

He finished the whole bowl !